October, 2018 - SOAR LP and SABENA AEROSPACE Join Forces

SOAR and SABENA AEROSPACE have signed a Long Term Working Agreement to offer Aircraft On the Ground (AOG) Heavy Recovery and Field Repair Services to the commercial aviation community. Services from these quality providers include recovery, evaluation, repair and modification … Continue reading

July, 2017 - SOAR Aids A330 suffering THS damage, Middle East

SOAR supported an A330 that suffered THS damage in the Middle East and required a complete replacement. SOAR provided multiple THS replacement options, unit certification, logistics, negotiation, OEM coordination, and installation support

May, 2017 - SOAR Now Represented in Brazil and South America

VR Representations and Consulting, a Brazilian based sales and technical services provider, has signed a working agreement to represent SOAR LP in Brazil and South America. The partnership provides immediate regional points of contact and support for AOG Recovery, Evaluation, … Continue reading

March, 2017 - SOAR supports UTAS in A330 Neo parts cert effort

SOAR supports UTAS in A330 Neo parts cert effort.

March, 2017 - SOAR Recovers Ameristar MD-83 After Overrun

SOAR successfully recovered the Ameristar MD-83 that overran the runway at Willow Run airport in Ypsilanti, Michigan during a rejected takeoff. SOAR was contacted for the recovery and had a team and equipment on-site in less than 24 hours. The … Continue reading

May, 2016 - SOAR Recovers TAME E-190 From Field

SOAR successfully recovered the TAME Embraer 190 that overran the runway and buried itself in a sloping field last week at SECU International Airport. The aircraft overran the runway by a reported 70 meters from the end of the runway, … Continue reading

April, 2016 - SOAR Recovers ERJ-190 From Field, Indonesia

The Embraer 190 overran the runway and landed in a field approximately 200 meters from the end of the runway. The aircraft sustained considerable damage. Recovery included, coordination of several government and industry agencies, building a road back to the … Continue reading

March, 2016 - A Technical Perspective: SOAR Makes First Boeing 727 Airworthy Again

Seattle Washington’s Museum of Flight recently contracted SOAR to be the primary technical entity to restore the first manufactured prototype 727 for ferry flight from Everett Washington to permanent display at Boeing Field, Seattle. The aircraft had been parked for … Continue reading

March, 2016 - SOAR Assists Resurrection of Historic Boeing 727

SOAR assists resurrection of historic Boeing 727 for Seattle’s Museum of Flight. SOAR and Seattle Washington’s Museum of Flight recently completed the restoration of the first 727 for ferry flight from Everett Washington to Seattle for permanent display at Boeing … Continue reading

October, 2015 - SOAR Completes 737-400 Repair, Malaysia

SOAR was called to Subang to perform heavy aircraft structures repair, engineering and Scribe Line AD Inspection.