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A New Kind of Commercial AOG Field Repair Provider Emerges

Newport Beach, California – November 27, 2006 – Source One Aircraft Repair (SOAR), a Source One member company recently developed in response to demands for shorter and less costly AOG down time, employs a unique business strategy to satisfy its clients. Using relationship skills to establish a network and retaining a small core of highly experienced and certified key staff, SOAR performs as an agile AOG “General Contractor” with dedicated partners that can be brought together more quickly than traditional methods in response to AOG incidents.

SOAR was developed with a sensitivity to the cost drivers of AOG field repair, and an understanding that strategic re-use of out-of-production aircraft is a viable method of operation which helps to minimize capital costs.

Chris Merry, General Manager, stated, “SOAR has put together a group of companies that work on behalf of the airlines, insurers, and occasionally MRO centers.” Mr. Merry represented SOAR at the 2006 Farnborough Airshow as a chalet exhibitor in partnership with another Source One member company, Source One Spares (SOS), and commented, “SOAR is offering a cost effective repair alternative to the OEMs and the response has been positive. We were very well received at Farnborough.”

SOAR’s global networking helps address client concerns for labor costs, ferry costs and responsiveness, while its core of project managers address certification and standard issues as well as provide OEM-trained major repair experience to every project.

As an additional result of its innovative design, SOAR offers reliable support within 24 to 48 hours of a request and a transparency level to its quotations and proposals that is greater than the industry norm. Lastly, SOAR is an international operation, which is prepared to dispatch its team and global network 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide parts and materials, project planning, touch labor, engineering services, flight-testing, modification, insurance claims assistance, and much more globally.

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Source One Aircraft Repair is a global Aircraft on the Ground support company that provides aircraft recovery, field repair, modification and damage evaluation for commercial aircraft incidents. Core services include expert aircraft incident recovery anywhere in the world, responsive and cost-efficient incident repair 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and inspections including damage evaluation, insurance claims assistance, hull surveys and valuations with a response time between 24 to 48 hours of a request.

In addition to its highly experienced certified core of Program Managers, SOAR can provide cost-effective touch labor and parts logistics through its global network of recognized repair stations, spares distributors, and parts refurbishment partners servicing the U.S., Europe, the Middle East and Pacific-Asia. Headquartered in Newport Beach, SOAR’s distinction is that it provides innovative and personalized global incident field support via cost-effective and responsive solutions. Source One Aircraft Repair is a Source One member company.