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SOAR Performs Recovery in Ohio

Newport Beach, California – January 9, 2012– Source One Aircraft Repair (SOAR) recovered a MD83, within eight hours of arrival on-site, after it slid off the icy Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport taxiway following its safe landing January 2.

The airplane slid off the icy pavement and into frozen and muddy turf as it turned while taxing back to the terminal. The event resulted in the nose and left main landing gears becoming buried up to the axle and closure of the single-runway Youngstown airport. SOAR was immediately notified by the airline Monday night and was on site, with a recovery crew, early Tuesday.

SOAR performed the field recovery in fifteen-degree temperatures, and under the urgency to re-open the Youngstown airport. Due to extensive field recovery experience, SOAR immediately provided a plan and coordinated its resources with the airline and the local National Guard. The aircraft was promptly recovered from field to taxiway within eight hours and the event provided the Guard a valuable training opportunity.

Founded by a core group of ex-OEM AOG and Recovery and Modification Services (RAMS)-trained professionals, SOAR is an AOG services company with dedicated global partners participating in the SOAR Network. Participating partners can be brought together and positioned more quickly to respond to aircraft incidents. Under the umbrella of aircraft field recovery, evaluation, and repair, SOAR can dispatch a well-qualified team 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide aircraft recovery, repair, logistics, parts, materials, project planning, engineering, touch labor, and much more as part of its core portfolio offerings.

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Source One Aircraft Repair is a global Aircraft on the Ground support company that provides aircraft recovery, field repair, modification and damage evaluation for commercial aircraft incidents. Core services include expert aircraft incident recovery anywhere in the world, responsive and cost-efficient incident repair 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and inspections including damage evaluation, insurance claims assistance, hull surveys and valuations with a response time between 24 to 48 hours of a request.

In addition to its highly experienced certified core of Program Managers, SOAR can provide cost-effective touch labor and parts logistics through its global network of recognized repair stations, spares distributors, and parts refurbishment partners servicing the U.S., Europe, the Middle East and Pacific-Asia. Headquartered in Newport Beach, SOAR’s distinction is that it provides innovative and personalized global incident field support via cost-effective and responsive solutions. Source One Aircraft Repair is a Source One member company.