Nabil Wareh

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Nabil brings vast experience in the aviation field since. 1966. Most recently, he has served as Project Manager for the Boeing AOG and McDonnell Douglas RAMS teams. Mr. Wareh conducted damage surveys and managed major repairs internationally on narrow and wide body jets including DC-8, DC-9, DC-10, MD-90, MD-11, B-717, B-757 and the entire Airbus family. Some of the airlines Nabile has served includes SAS, United, Saudi, China Northern, China Eatsern, Meridiana, Span Air, Lion Air, Bangkok Air, Alitalia, World Airways, Monarch, Arrow Air, Varig, Delta, JAS, Hawaiian, AirTran and American. Nabil possesses BSAME, FAA Certifications A & P and is a Pilot.

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