SOAR Recovers Ameristar MD-83 After Overrun

SOAR successfully recovered the Ameristar MD-83 that overran the runway at Willow Run airport in Ypsilanti, Michigan during a rejected takeoff. SOAR was contacted for the recovery and had a team and equipment on-site in less than 24 hours.

The aircraft overran the runway end by approximately 1,100 feet, coming to rest over a gulley, the aircraft bridging between a public road edge and a field. The nose landing gear drag links had fractured when the aircraft crossed a sharp rise in the ground at the public road, permitting the gear to enter the electronics compartment behind the wheel well. Both main landing gear upper strut bodies had failed at the same rise, folding the gear back and through the inboard flaps. These conditions would prevent moving the aircraft by typical means after the recovery, requiring special equipment to relocate the aircraft to a temporary parking position. 

SOAR, an aircraft AOG Recovery and Repair Specialty Company, directed local resources including the Airport, the airline, Insurers, the NTSB, and heavy equipment suppliers Connelly Crane and Erickson’s.

After evaluating the approximate weight and center of gravity of the aircraft, lifting positions were identified and the aircraft was lifted, moved forward, then lowered onto a specialized trailer. The aircraft was successfully moved to the tarmac without any additional damage. SOAR has been contracted to accomplish a damage evaluation and provide a damage report with a repair proposal after the post-accident physical investigation is complete.

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