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Significant savings over OEM costs and traditional AOG support methods as a result of:

  • In-Stock Spare Parts
    “Just-In-Time” delivery of certified refurbished inventory.
  • Global Networking
    SOAR’s first-rate FAA/EASA repair station partners serve the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.
  • Reduce Repair Time Frame
    Customer service and certified personnel are available 24/365 for recovery, inspection, estimation, repair and modification.

Insurers are valued as an important part of the airworthiness process.

Discover what the SOAR professionals are capable of accomplishing to satisfy your unique repair and modification project needs:

Paul Worthington

Director, Sales & Marketing
Mobile: +1.520.444.9583
Office: +1.949.764.9246
2808 Lafayette Road
Newport Beach, California 92663

For general and marketing media inquiries:
Veronica Vargas